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Crystal City is a unique place to live, especially for a senior citizen or a person with a disability.

Overhead walkways are one way the Crystal City is pedestrian friendly.


You can walk in cozy comfort from your apartment or condo in underground tunnels to shopping, doctor's offices, restaurants and the metrorail system.

In the "Underground", there are maps showing the way. You can walk from 23rd Street, past the metro stop, to 12th Street. Two high rise apartments connect directly to the tunnels. There are 2 clusters of small shops (1 shown as the yellow area in the enlarged circle). Shopping includes drug stores, news stands, Radio Shack, a small hardware store, and small clothing stores. There's a dry cleaner, opticians, and restaurants.


 There's hotels connected to this tunnel system, so out of town visitors can stay just a short walk away if that's most convenient. The tunnel system runs about 11 blocks going north and south, with lots of criss-cross tunnels running a block or two to the east and west at different points. Lots of maps are on the walls to help you get around. Security guards constantly keep the tunnel areas safe.

The whole area is very nicely landscaped. Different flowers are planted to have colorful landscaping as much of the year as possible.

You're just one metro stop away from the airport, yet noise from airplanes is remarkable low. If you're indoors, you wouldn't know you're just a short distance from the airport. You're also just one rail stop from Pentagon City mall. Behind the mall (on the west side) is a nice shopping center with a Harris Teeter grocery store.

Charles E. Smith had a very innovative idea in Crystal City. If time management is important to you, this could be a great place to live. You go to the drugstore, or drop off your cleaning and be back home in minutes. You might not even need a car; you can do so much just walking. Zipcar and FlexCar each have one car in a reserved space about a block from the Crystal City Metro station.

Flexcar and Zipcar have reserved spaces near the Metro station.


Other cool or useful stuff includes:
a health club
US Patent Office
Devry University
3 banks and 2 credit unions
walking and biking trails

Aurora Hills Library

hair salons

Almost all of this is accessible without going outdoors, a great convenience for the elderly or disabled.

Pentagon City mall is just one stop away on the Metro.


In the summer, free concerts are given in this small park. It's a nice place to have lunch on a warm sunny day. The waterfalls makes a popular backdrop for wedding parties to have photographs taken.


 The area has a clean, modern feel to it. The area is well landscaped, with in season flowers in bloom much of the year.


Also, Arlington has been extremely progressive in finding ways to use mass transit in innovative ways to reduce pollution and increase convenience. Some of their buses use clean fuels like compressed natural gas (CNG). Crystal City is sort of a hub with VRE (Virginia Railway Express, metro bus and rail, and bike trails serving the community. There's a free bus at certain hours that goes in loop to encourage people not to drive to lunch. So a lot of these people can take mass transit to work, then use a convenient free bus to get to their favorite restaurant.


The bike trails go by the airport, all the way south to Mt. Vernon. To the north, they go into Georgetown and along the canal by the Potomac river.


If this appeals to you, you should visit Crystal City and see if it's your cup of tea.

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